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    Work relationships are important in building a career and finding satisfaction your job.

    To build a positive relationships

    1. Communicate effectively
    2. Appreciate diversity
    3. Develop mutual respect
    4. Be mindful
    5. Get to know your co-workers
    6. Act responsibly
    7. Be reliable
    8. Have a positive attitude
    9. Cope with conflict
    10. Be more creative
    11. Like your job
    12. Have a support system

    However, what happens when instead of a positive work , you become involved in work place drama trash-talking friends, free-flowing gossip, popularity contests, and exclusive cliques. You thought that you had entered the professional ,mature workforce, you’d be able to escape petty drama

    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together in progress; working together in success.
    Henry Ford

    Quiet Avenue can assist you work through work place drama and focus on the positive aspects of your work life.