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  • Seasons Of Change Life Coaching for Individuals

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    “I love best to have each thing in its season, doing without it at all other times”
    Henry David Thoreau

    The Seasons of Change is a rich, multi-faceted nature-based metaphor.

    Nature has developed a wide range of responses to the ever-changing seasons. These responses provide a rich foundation of knowledge, inspiration, Hope, and direction to those in transition.

    Each season (or phase) of the transition process has its own signs, actions, and detours.

    To identify the season you are in we will start with:

    Nature’s Wisdom Deck Suits ( Cards)

    There are six suits to help you to identify the season you are in and establish your pathway to navigate the expected and unexpected transitions in your

    • Seasons:Transitions-Symbolizes where a person in the transition process.
    • Light:Clarity-Provides insight about the degree of clarity you have about an issue.
    • Trees:Self-I mages- Illustrates a person is I the process of developing or enhancing their self -image
    • Animals:Actions-Indicates the actions a person is taking relative to where they are in their transition process .
    • Seeds:Ideas-Status of a person’s ideas
    • Weather: Emotions- Recognize the emotions and feelings experienced throughout the transition journey.

    You will be able to uncover your personal experience of each element of nature and to honor your thoughts and feelings to develop an action plan.

    Let’s get started to identify your season of change

    No matter what’s happening in your life it’s likely you are experiencing one or more changes. It could be changes in your relationships, your family, your health, your home, your spiritual life, or your finances.

    Step 1. Identification of the season you are

    Step 2. Deepen your exploration of the seasons that resonate with where you are in your journey


    Fall-if you are getting news of changes or you are in the journey

    Early Winter-Feeling tired, feeling confused about all or part of your life or trying to avoid social events.

    Winter Solstice-Feel like you are in the dark and /or feeling the imminent birth an insight

    Late Winter-Catching new insights and seeking glimmers of Spring

    Spring-You are bursting with energy and struggling with your reentry into your life.

    Summer-Feeling clear and confident and your life is abundant.