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  • Purpose Clarity Life Coaching

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    “Goals give us purpose, which in turn motivates us to make ourselves the best version in all aspects of your life.”
    Hannah Bronfman

    Purpose Clarity is a transitional coaching model that allows you to convert your passions and interests into your purpose and direction.

    The Purpose Clarity Program is a versatile program. It can benefit a wide variety of people including those who are:

    Wrestling with a life situation or transition. You may be going through a major life transition, a personal awakening, or reinventing yourself after an illness, divorce, job loss, relocation, or disaster. You may be reclaiming/rediscovering your identity; identifying your future direction now that you aren’t working, or dealing with changes in the composition of your family empty nesters, blended families, parents of boomerang children

    Are you figuring out what’s next in your life?

    Are you:

    • Searching for a purpose?
    • Looking for a new direction?
    • Re-evaluating your priorities?
    • Craving more meaning in your life?

    Figuring out your focus can be difficult

    • You may not be completely clear what you enjoy
    • You may know you enjoy many things, but you can’t pinpoint your main focus
    • You may have had a focus, but it isn’t feeling solid any more


    Discover-What motivates you and brings you contentment, self-appreciation, enjoyment in life.

    Plan-Your path to success, set clear instructions, avoid pitfalls and set goals.

    Achieve-Receive professional guidance to enable meaningful change in your life.

    Benefits of the Purpose Clarity Program

    • You will develop more clarity about who you are and what gives you a sense of meaning
    • A clear statement of your purpose
    • Ideas about how you might bring purpose to your life through your work or service
    • An action plan to help you do just that


    Part 1. Identify your passions and interests

    Part 2: Brainstorm up to 40 ideas in less than an hour

    Part 3: Use your top ten ideas to discover your purpose

    Part 4: Create a plan for how to being your purpose to life.

    Part 5: Wrap up, conclusion

    The program includes:

    • Five (5) online sessions of one-on-one coaching of 60 minutes.
    • Workbook with explanation of the exercises and fieldwork

    The Purpose Clarity Program is available for individuals or groups (10 maximum).

    To find out if the Purpose Clarity Program is right for you, set up a 15 minute complimentary consultation.