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  • Life Coaching FAQs

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    What is a Professional Life Coach?

    A Professional Life Coach is a trusted individual who can help you identify and uncover what keeps you from reaching your fullest potential. It is a one to one relationship that provides a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. Have you been feeling like a guest in your own life? A Life Coach can assist you to identify, reframe, and achieve your goals.

    What types of people have Life Coaches?

    People from all different walks of life have professional life coaches. Life Coaches work with people who have relationship, financial career, substance abuse, wellness and more concerns. Working with a personal Coach is not limited to any type of person, but is best for those who want to take the initiative in their own life. People who obtain a Life Coach are committed to a more motivated and fulfilled life and are willing to do the work needed to get there.

    How will Life Coaching help?

    The results will vary depending on what brings you to a Life Coach. If you seek a life coach for a personal relationship, a life coach can help you improve your relationship, assist you to garner the tools to meet the challenges in that relationship. Life Coaching assists you with realizing your hidden expectations in a relationship, finances, career, marriage or family. Life coaching helps you to live a more balanced life.

    Do I really need a personal Coach, can’t I just do it by myself?

    Life coaching is the opportunity to go above and beyond your own set personal limitations. At times in life a person does not know what stands in their way. A Life Coach can offer an unbiased and objective perspective, you are assisted to empower yourself. You get that extra push of motivation and support from an individual who realizes that daily applicable zeal and zest work in achieving and maintaining their established goals.

    How is Coaching different from Therapy?

    Although my background is in therapy, I noticed the difference in coaching and therapy and trained to become a Life Coach. Coaching is distinct from traditional therapy because it is not designed to address psychological issues. While specific emotional issues may arise, the primary focus of Life Coaching is to help you identify your goals, achieve them, and develop constructive habits and skills. Life Coaching is more the here and now with the future underlined. Therapy is the past, present with more limited focus on the future and more emphasis on the past.

    Is personal life coaching confidential?

    What we discuss will be held in confidence and not shared with others. However, our sessions are not privileged for legal purposes. The privilege of confidentiality that exists for therapists, clergy, or attorneys. Your personal information will always be protected.

    Why Life Coaching WORKS?

    Coaching works because it is focused. The client is immediately involved in their daily lives. They are assisted to understand that to achieve goals you need take the tools you utilize on a daily applicable zeal and zest basis. You are encouraged by an unbiased trained life coach to reach your goals more quickly then you would have on your own, you see results more quickly and work within a structure to achieve