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  • Addictions (Substance and Alcohol)

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    Alcohol addiction is a disease that affect people in all walks of life

    Yielding to triggers

    Identify triggers -there are three groups of triggers

    1. Environmental Trigger-

    People, places, events, that were once associated with alcohol.

    • People you use to drink with
    • Places where you once used to drink , like bars, pubs, or even the closet in your bedroom.
    • Social events like a gathering of friends or family reunions.

    2. Re-Exposure Trigger

    There are cues like seeing people drink or having alcohol near you. Even watching alcohol commercials on TV can trigger an urge.

    3. Stress Triggers

    Negative emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, and depression.

    Physical stress: Chronic illness, painfully co diction , unpleasant withdrawal.

    Being sleep impaired can diminish your ability to recognize triggers and to stay away from Alcohol or drugs.

    Drastic or Profound charges marriage, having a baby , or being promoted at work

    Relapse Treatment

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-Taught how to deal with triggers caused by emotional stress,

    Warning Signs

    • Reconnecting with drinking buddies
    • Staying away from people who sobriety
    • Romantiiczing alcohol use or having nostalgic about ‘ Those Good old days”
    • Missing appointment with counselor or therapist
    • Missing medication that may be have been prescribed by a specialist
    • Not attending alcoholic support groups
    • Drastic change in mood
    • Neglecting personal hygiene
    • Being able to deal objectively with common feeling of depression and loneliness.
    • Staying away from hobbies and activities you once enjoyed
    • Disrupting personal relationships by lying, arguing , being aloof or refusing help
    • Exhibiting alcohol with withdrawal symptoms

    Treatment for alcohol or drugs is not a solo event

    Quiet Avenue Life Coaching & Therapy uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a customized genogram as tools for treatment for Alcohol and drug addiction

    “When you stop drinking, you have to deal with this marvelous personality that started you drinking in the first place.”
    – Jimmy Breslin