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  • My Specialties

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    Navigating the changes happening in your life expected or unexpected there are ways you can ease and soften your journey. I can assist you to take a look at your options and see which one resonates with you.

    My notable combination of life coaching, therapy, and counseling address the following:

    Motivation and Attention Problems:

    • Lack of awareness
    • Limited concentration
    • Limited momentum
    • Low interest and interaction

    Mental, Emotional Behavioral, and Health

    • Verbalization and transitioning difficult emotions
    • Managing depression, social skills, and anxiety
    • Lack of relationships
    • Substance abuse addiction
    • Gambling addiction
    • Anger management

    Not reaching one’s capabilities

    • Lack of aspiration
    • Hamper purpose
    • Deficient decision-making skills
    • Difficulty with self-monitoring

    Relationship Problems

    • Inadequate communication
    • Low sense of self
    • Anxiety
    • Blaming issues

    Feeling Stuck

    • Lacking Purpose
    • Not having the ability to receive guidance and support

    Burnt Out

    • Feeling insecure
    • Underlying fears
    • Easily annoyed

    Benefits of Life Coaching and Therapy

    • Accuracy – Increase your purpose clarity to define your life.
    • Architecture – Drafting your handling of the Seasons of Change that occurs in your life.
    • Association – Increase inability to develop a link with family, friends, and peers.
    • Assured – Be your true self and have motivation.
    • Authority -To live a determined life without procrastination

    What my Services Provide

    • A plan: Goals, methods, and a roadmap for creating and sustaining change: more life direction-Focus on Purpose Clarity to define purpose.
      Seasons of Change Transitions.
    • The tools: Coping skills and techniques for dealing with difficult relationships and situations.
    • Strategies: Systemic game plan for approaching decision making, attention and behavior management, and life transition and purpose clarity.