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  • Diabetic Distress

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    • Feeling of life being controlled
    • Feeling not supported by Healthcare Providers
    • Social Isolation or feeling lack of support
    • Burden of living with a chronic disease
    • Fear of failing at keeping up with Diabetic Care
    • Fear or angst or despair about living with diabetes
    • Other daily living issues

    These issues can sometimes lead to depression.

    Diabetes Distress can be treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) can help with the way you feel about an event , situation, or distorted thinking.

    I invite you to work with me to battle this common but serious life threatening disease. You realize that you do not have to fight alone.

    I will begin with an eco map( a graphic and useful way of assessing your support systems.)

    Diabetes can sometimes run in families. I would prepare a genogram ( family map that covers three generations using special symbols, ability to trace if diabetes has been apart of your family history).

    “Managing Your Diabetes Is Not A Science , It An Art”