Speaking topics:

  • Find Your Natural Calling
  • Seasons of Change Benefits
  • Shifting of Social Work Practice
  • I am not a church mouse

1. Find Your Natural Calling

  • Ideas on what makes a Natural Calling
  • Discussion on how to find your natural calling
  • Begin to learn how you can grow once find your natural calling

2. Seasons of Change Benefits

  • What is Seasons of Change and what does it involve
  • Seasons of Change Assessments
  • Use of Seasons of Change tools
  • Determining what season you are in
  • Creative coping  with change

3. Shifting of Social Work Practice

  • Is the number for the need for social workers dwindling
  • The modern social worker
  • How to handle a shift in social work
  • Exploration of different  avenues of social work

4. I am not a church mouse

  • Discover if you are an introvert or extrovert and what it might mean
  • Discover assessments that will assist you determine your personality type
  • Examine life and personality balance