• Life Coaching
  • Pre-Marital Coaching
  • Group Coaching
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  • life-balance-icon2Life Coaching

    Life coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client. Where the coaching relationship continually gives the power to the client. Coach Denise will assist you to become a:

    • Master of life balance
    • Career change artist
    • Self-care agent
    • Living your purpose
    • Managing grief, loss, sadness, and change
    • Recognizing your hot buttons such as stress, frustration, and upsets
  • Pre-Marital Coaching

    Are you looking forward to a wedding, your wedding. Have you had the opportunity to identify personal strengths, your communication style, how you handle your financial matters, examine family backgrounds, examine the hidden expectations that you have regarding marriage? You can determine the Season of Change you are in and how it can impact your marriage.

  • Group Coaching

    Healing Power of Female Diversity

    There exists a special bond of friendship between females both emotionally, physically, spiritually. In our busy society today it is difficult to have close friends that one can have a meaningful conversation with. A circle of women creates a space for women to be wise and obtain the support both emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You may choose a book to discuss or have a discussion that you know will be kept confidential. You may want to take the opportunity to discuss and explore your skills and interests and discover your purpose and direction. There will be a one time trip to “Just A Bit Eclectic” (a place to sit, sip and socialize).

  • Marriage Coaching

    marriage, partner, friend under a foundation of love and respect, and compromise
    marriage, partner, friend under a foundation of love and respect, and compromise

    Your life is busy. However, is it the type of busy where you actually have the life you want? You may have recently gotten married or been married a number of years. You may have begun to experience emotional distance. You realize the hidden expectations you have regarding marriage are not being realized.

    Why don’t you proceed down the Quiet Avenue and work with Coach Denise (DAZZ) to determine the Season of Change you are in your life and marriage.


    In working with Coach Denise you will realize that you believe in Liberty through personal transition and spirituality. Coach Denise offers a pathway to the Quiet Avenue as an opportunity that allows you to embrace and welcome change.

    Come to recognize what season you are in your life and marriage.


    • Summer: A time for your relationship to flourish. You seek to have and display the love, romance, and support where you can harvest the results.
    • Fall: Yes, your relationship is shifting in ways you did not anticipate or want. Now is the time to prepare for what is to come.
    • Winter: You may be confused emotionally. Your best course of action is to take time to just be with yourself to get new insights. You create a plan or vision for your future.
    • Spring: This is a time in your marriage to take action to implement your plan. You look and create your plan with excitement.
  • Bright Quiet

    Let your Quiet Shine Bright. Work with Coach Denise to explore what it means to be a quiet, unique individual.

DAZZ – Daily Applicable Zeal and Zest – Helps you to focus on daily activities that assist you to focus on “Find Your Natural Calling”