Denise Johnson is a Board Certified Coach (BCC), Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (step 1 and step 2 practitioner, Prepare/Enrich facilitator, Seasons of Change trainer (advocate for “Using Nature’s Wisdom to Grow through life’s inevitable ups and downs), certified addiction and drug counselor (CAADC), licensed master level social worker (LMSW).

Denise primary focus  is premarital and marital coaching. She has two specialties, one is working with introverts to recognize their “Bright Quiet” by walking a quiet avenue to “Find Your Natural Calling”.

Denise specializes in working with families who have a member who has an alcohol addiction. She came into that area when her father died at the age of 38 when she was 10 years of age and made a promise to herself to never fall prey to “the fruit of the vine.”

Denise Johnson is a Life Coach specializing in Marriage and Relationship Coaching. She is a licensed social worker, certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor, limited licensed marriage and family therapist.

Denise received her Bachelor’s of social work degree from U of D Mercy College. Denise received her Masters of Social work from Wayne State University and her training in substance abuse. Denise received her life coach training from the Institute of Life Coach Training.

denise-picDenise has worked as a field instructor with both BSW and MSW students for the last 8 years with students from four different colleges and universities.

Denise has earned a reputation for being Bold, Firm, and adhering to ethics. Denise displays inner strength, humor, and active listening skills that promote the trust required to secure a foundation which challenges client to reach their goals!

Denise works with clients to promote action plans that are authorized by clients on an individual basis.

Denise believes in networking and using strength based tools. Denise is an active member of NASW (National Association of Social work), CSWA (Clinical Social Work Association), AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) and Black Life Coaches. Denise maintains contact with ILCT Institute of Life Coach Training).

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Denise guides struggling men, women, and couples who want to discover a process to live their daily lives with applicable zeal and zest (DAZZ) to achieve a life balance of accomplishments, success, and establishing and fulfilling their visions.

Denise enjoys playing the piano, building doll houses, hatha yoga, and reading mysteries books.

Denise has been married for 35 years and understands what it means to be a partner. She has three adult children.


img_0179Dear Denise,

I would like to start off by thanking you for all your help, patience, confidentiality, good listener, fairness and encouragement in my time of need. I’ve never talk to anyone about the different things trials and tribulations of my marriage, so this is a first for me to seek help to talk to someone regarding my marriage.

In a marriage or in a relationship for that matter we as women always think we can fix everything or maybe it’s something we are doing wrong when things don’t go right. Well after almost 20 years of marriage and three kids later I found myself getting a divorce that was finalized on May 29, 2014.

I can go on and on about how I feel that it was my ex-husband that caused our divorce, and with that I’m sure he will plead the same case with all the lying, infidelity and reckless spending on money I needed your help to figure it all out. I always known you as just Denise Johnson never Denise Johnson the therapist that sat across a room asking me how I felt about my marriage that is something no one has ever asked me, to talk to you and bring up certain subjects that was taboo in my life never to speak again was something new to me.

Going to therapy by myself and not as a couple was hard for me to do. To express to you how I feel about so many things for so long in my marriage and learning that it’s not all my fault, yes maybe I could have did some things differently, yes I could have been a better listener not to jump to judgement not to be a wife or a woman all the time to be a understanding friend I know when you hear about getting married, people always say your husband or wife should be your best friend but when you start to lose your best friend and he or she seem to be a stranger to you as well you know you are in trouble. I want to thank you for everything and making me understand that even if I don’t do everything right I deserve to be loved, respected and to know I matter in this marriage.

Thank you so very much

—Sotokka Anderson

P.S I’ve taken the tools that I learned from therapy and put them to great use I’m here to inform you that I have remarried my ex-husband of almost 20 years on July 31, 2015. The second time is better thank you