September 8, 2018   Leave a comment


Seasons come and go. The change in a season can also have a change in our life. Who has not heard of “lazy days of Summer.”

Autumn is the season of choice, with leaves having the ability to turn yellow, red, brown, or orange. Winter holds the thought that every mile is actually two miles.

Preparing for Winter eclipses preparing for Summer, Fall, or Spring. Spring is the time of renewal, bursting into bloom, making time to clean.

This description of the real seasons also hold into the metaphor of seasons and fall into the Seasons of Change. Currently, we are entering the Season of Fall. A season that is full of change and in your life.

An acknowledged changed, a time to get and give support, and a time to create s refuge.

You don’t have to guess, Fall is coming with its beauty of the season and the change in your life.