Hello my name is Denise Johnson. I want to help you follow a quiet avenue to Find Your Natural Calling.

You are a unique creation and there is a potential within. Have you you been searching for your niche? Moving around trying to fill that gap in your life? Have you been feeling not like yourself but instead like a caricature?


You want to feel that you are unique.denise-cutout2

You may need to “Find Your Natural Calling.

You may ask what comprises your natural calling, your natural calling is discovering your potential, clarifying and strengthening your innate gifts and then putting your natural calling into effect in your life.

At this time you might be saying to yourself “Say What?”

You may feel that you have already tried to find your inner peace, examine your inner strength, and live your best life now!

To find your natural calling you may want to consider taking the road least traveled in your life and taking the “Quiet Avenue” to life that which will give you a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.

Quiet Avenue assists you move at your pace and to utilize daily applicable zeal, and zest ( DAZZ). to help you to “Find Your Natural Calling” and when you find to to keep it.

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